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A 'Nugget' About Our Company’s History

We’re Proud of Where We’ve Been, and We're Excited About Where We’re Going

As containers became more popular, we realized the potential to lease those as well. Now we are striving for a 50/50 mix of trailers and containers to provide our customers with as many options as possible. The ultimate goal has always been to provide our customers with great service, and affordable, clean storage solutions. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to build great relationships with our customers through the leasing or sale of storage trailers and containers. 

We are fast, flexible, dependable, and here to meet your storage needs. Nuggett Leasing has been supplying Metropolitan Detroit, Southeast Michigan, and Northeastern Ohio for over three decades from our corporate headquarters in Flat Rock, Michigan.

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Fun Fact: Nuggett Leasing got its name when the original owners went on a trip to California and went gold dredging. They found a golden nugget the size of a dime and decided to name the company Nuggett Leasing. They added an extra T to be unique- just like the R is intentionally backwards in the 'Toys ™ Us' logo.
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