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Trailer Rentals

Trailer Rentals Offer Additional Space for On-Site Product and Equipment Storage in Flat Rock, MI

Trailer Rentals in Flat Rock, MI

Finally, an Affordable Trailer Rental for Your Commercial Needs

For just over four decades, we have offered contractors and commercial industries a simple solution to their overstock and equipment storage needs through trailer rental. Trailers are a cost-effective alternative to expensive warehouse rent, or even new construction costs, offering you effective storage space when and where you need it most. We provide a clean, dry, secure, on-site warehouse environment for your product. With durable hardwood floors, water-tight roofs, sizes ranging from 27’ to 53’, and roll-up or swing out doors, our storage trailers are the best option for you! We will deliver and pick up your storage trailer for a low delivery fee. Our rental period is a minimum of one month, and then goes month to month beyond that.

Our Storage Trailer Features and Uses Include:

  • Sizes ranging from 27’ to 53’
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Warehouses
  • Heavy industry
  • Packaging companies
  • Construction job-site storage
  • Lockable and secure
Storage Trailer

Are You Interested in Buying a Storage Trailer?

If you are a commercial company looking to buy a storage trailer, rather than rent one every time you move to a new job site, Nuggett Leasing also offers trailers for sale. They are the same trailers we offer for rent, but without the hassle out of having to coordinate the rental each time. We’re happy to talk with you to help you determine which size and type of trailer will best fit your needs. 

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